Latest new Chinese Gadgets 2014

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Latest new Chinese Gadgets 2014

The Chinese gadgets play key role in the industry of technological gadgets which are of great use to the people all across globe. People are crazy to own these Chinese gadgets which all are creating sensation in the market. But it is really difficult for common man to run after each and every latest Chinese gadget s which is coming in the market and thus they look for a reliable source from where they can get a complete idea about the useful and latest Chinese gadgets which are there in the market. To make life simple for all of them we made a collection of latest new Chinese gadgets 2014 especially for you all.

Latest new Chinese gadgets 2014

About the new Chinese gadgets 2014:

If you want to know about the latest new Chinese gadgets 2013, then here is the list of some handpicked Chinese gadgets which will of great use to you and are also available at a cheap rate in the market.  You can buy them for self use or can also use it as a great option of gifting to someone who is very special in your life. Go through the below list and we guess you will get the one which you are looking for.

Features of Latest Chinese Gadgets 2014

Give someone a lift with a Chinese gadget

1)       Pipo Ultra-U3 tablet:  The PiPO U3 sports a DualCore 1.6GHz Cortex A9 processor comes with an excellent and great quality QuadCore Mali400 graphics. If you can manage to find this Chinese gadget for you will get to see that it is having a 16GB of Storage with a 1GB of DDR3 RAM. In order to boost the vividness and crispiness of the screen, it comes with an IPS Screen Technology. The greatest advantage is that it comes with a 3G connectivity

2)       RK3188 Full Specs introduced for first time in gadget market: Fuzhou Rock chip Electronics Co., Ltd introduced this Chinese gadget, RK3188 Full Specs Revealed at Las Vegas. It is a new generation processor of quad-core. RK3188 is the first ever chip set which is totally based on 28nm process from a Chinese IC design company. This company created revolution in the latest new Chinese gadgets 2014, market. It is a High Performance Mobile Application Processer with a High performance dedicated 2D processor. These are only some features of this gadget. For more information on this gadget you need to read the complete list of features.

3)       3 Port HDMI Switcher which is capable to support a 1080P for PS3 DVD HDTV: You can solve out the inconvenienced caused due to one HDMI connection input by buying the 3 Port HDMI Switcher Switch Splitter from

4)       Rikomagic MK702 model: This gadget is specially designed for the popular MK802 Series. Each of the buttons used in it are very useful for the fashionable people. It is capable to adopt 2.4 G wireless technology with support of its super strong experiencing function, smooth and easy operation, along with a function for powerful study and many more are there on the list. The model is available in the market at an affordable price of just 20 bucks.

 Conclusion: When we talk about different gadgets, the Chinese gadgets always come in the discussion. It is really difficult to complete discussion on gadgets without the presence of Chinese gadgets which are of great use and also available in the market at an affordable price. You can select the one for you from the above selected latest new Chinese gadgets 2014.

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